YOTE Project Partners

Project Partners

Docete Omnes Foundation

A non-profit organization, founded in 1968, working in the field of education, training and employment. From Granada (Spain). Project Coordinator.

Karriere Club

Founded in 1994 the karriere club is an independent service centre which acts as a trusted advisor to its clients providing a full range of career management, development, and training programmes.


The Association for Education & Development of Disable People wants to give the possibility to our members to be involved in many sectors...


Eurocultura is a no-profit research, training and career counselling organization set up in 1993. Their core competences are related to the labour market and training.

Volkshochschule Hannover

The ``Volkshochschule Hannover`` is a non-profit adult education institution under tutorship of the Municipality of Hanover...


AIFED is an organization of professionals in the field of education and employment. Our legal status is private and non-profit organization.

BRCV Sousse

The main activities of BRCV Sousse is to organize thematic camps for children and youth....


FH JOANNEUM is one of Austria’s leading universities of applied sciences with over 4.000 students in the areas of international business and technology.

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