Our inspiration

The idea for the project stems from work done in Stronger Children action for empowerment in Primary school. The success of the project has made us reflect together, coordinated by a German Organization, about the idea to extend the philosophy of empowerment at Vocational Training Education Level. As we believe, there is no point in motivating teachers to develop skills for empowerment if they are not able to find procedures to be applied with the same effect at higher levels of education.
The education of our young people today demands more than ever a unity of principles in education.
The invitation to new members particularly at senior levels with which we had previous experience and we know their good work and good ability to work together, has been studied to give the project the most efficient partnership. Now it is our aim to extend those and add more concepts related to that idea and as a way to improve the move of vocational training students youngs to empowerment in life and work.
We have also chosen coaching methodology for its effectiveness and its participatory effect. It also helps to collaborative work encouraging teachers to make a ripple effect on families, students and society.
It is also a committed partnership to the current moment of crisis and the change the European Union needs. Perhaps the most important mindset change is that we know the answer to the difficulties of today are right in themselves, in their change of mentallity, in its acquisition of skills, commitment, and their empowerment to change.
frascoOur inspiration