YOTE Project Sixth Meeting

The last meeting was scheduled to take place in Greece, but instead of holding the meeting in Kavala, place of origin of our partner Aseddedipe, it was moved to Thessalonika in order to be able to visit the CEDEFOP, having been granted the approval of our technician in Brussels,.
On the one hand, we had the meeting in which we fully revised all the work packages and we also discussed the final reports and the documentation each partner should prepare for this final phase. Dissemination (production of the last Newsletter), sustainability and exploitation of results were an essential part in this meeting. Also, we had the opportunity to present the project to the Ernesto Villalba-GarcĂ­a, expert at the CEDEFOP, with whom we shared very positive opinions about the project.

Meeting agenda

Meeting pictures

frascoYOTE Project Sixth Meeting