AIFED is an organization of professionals in the field of education and employment. Our legal status is private and non-profit organization. It is a public body.

Our main activities are in the field of training (training for trainees and staff), so it plays an important role in adult education. AIFED works sometimes in collaboration with other associations around us.

Aifed participates in seminars and courses about the equality of the sexes; the importance of the family is also present in our courses and seminars.

AIFED has experience working within Lifelong Learning programs, specifically; it is developing a Grundvig Partnership project about physical disabilities. AIFED has experience as well in research, analysing results, developing reports, consulting, and evaluation of results.

In collaboration with other entities develop statistical analysis, information, questionnaires and statistics in many European projects to evaluate the quality of the project.

P6 will be responsible for the management of WP 4 (collecting the results of the training courses) WP 5 Analysis of results; they will collaborate also in WP 7 and 8 Dissemination and Exploitation of results.