BRCV Sousse

It is regional non-governmental organization working in the field of children and youth.

The main activities of our association is to organize thematic camps for children and youth.

We have other activity themes (environment, social exclusion, youth recreation ..). the members of our association are volunteers.

Our organization is involved in the Euromed Youth program and Youth in Action program since 2004, we have organized and participated in many activities (youth exchanges, seminars, training …).

About our activities in the field of empowerment, culture of entrepreneurship and job creation

We have a particular interest in empowering young students for life and work, and in particular the culture of entrepreneurship at the University of Sousse and the vocational training center in Sousse.

We lanched our first club in 2003 in the ” university cultural center of Sousse ” and five years later, the second club in the vocational training center in Sousse and now we are invited to develop other clubs.

The main objective of these clubs is to develop the personality of youth to better prepare them for the labour market ,to be Competitive and create in them the power to be a leader and to ensure success in life.

Activities consists of weekly meetings (Wednesday afternoon) visits to companies, institutions related to job creation, to share with new young entrepreneurs success stories or failure stories, We organize seminars on various topics related to the creation of jobs and the best way to find a job, we participate in many national and international seminars on entrepreneurship and exhibitions.

In short our goal is to empower young people and prepare them for the labour market. Note that all the activitiesof those clubs are prepared and realised by the students and the facilitator is a coordinator.

We presented our experience at national and international level, the last one took place in Spain in the seminar on mollina

The role of our organization in the project

We will participate in various phases of the project:

We will assist the coordinator in the project’s financial managment (WP1).

  • We will participate with some ideas of members of our association to put them in the Methodology(WP2)
  • We will actively participate in the all the activities in the program and share our experience in the subject
  • We will participate in the project evaluation and dissemination of results in our country (WP 6,7, 8)

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