Volkshochschule Hannover

The “Volkshochschule Hannover” (VHS Hannover) was founded in 1919 and is a non-profit organisation. It is part of the municipality of Hannover. It is financed through course fees and public subsidies. Today the name includes the founders of 1919 and is Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing-Volkshochschule Hannover.

The VHS Hannover is an adult education centre. Everybody can join the lessons. Unemployed people, students etc. can join the courses for reduced prizes. Each year a programme of around a hundred and twenty thousand teaching periods, of which about forty thousand are in vocational training and preparation for school leaving certificates is offered.

In total, around thirty thousand participants attend the further education courses and events.Many people from other European countries live in Hannover and participate in the courses too. This is a benefit and a challenge for the center.

The centre is open every day including weekends for offering daytime courses, evening classes, weekend seminars, study excursions and other events. The further education programme includes all aspects of general, vocational, social and cultural education. It can be divided into the following areas:

  • Society, Environment, Education
  • Culture, Creativity, Design
  • Health, Nutrition
  • Languages
  • Basic Skills, School-leaving Certificates
  • Work, Career, Electronic Data Processing

The vocational training section offers lessons on the topics

  • Accounting and financing
  • Computing
  • Soft-skills and management skills

Modular courses are established to get well-known certificates (ECDL and national ones).

Beside of the general programme fulltime – courses are offered:

  • Long-term training for unemployed people (28 months , which includes 8 months of internship and finishes with an exam at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for getting an official qualification which is needed to get a job.
  • Training for migrants in a combination of language and vocational training
  • The school of second chance educate people without school-leaving certificate to get those.

The VHS have participated in several European projects targeting:

  • The improving of Social enterprizes
  • Innovative teaching and learning projects
  • Integration of migrants

Networks of academic and professional expertise.


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